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Las Vegas Videographer is the best choice — the only choice, if you’re looking for a digital video agency with superior quality and stunning results. We don’t just do video production, we create video that you’ll be proud to run on air, show your clients or display on your website and social media pages.
Offering services in commercial, event, real estate, drone aerial, corporate, sales and marketing, resort and wedding videography, we’re the jack of all trades when it comes to the art of video production.
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Our professional videographer team in Las Vegas, NV is ready to capture any special occasion or event you have. Collaborate with us now!

We’re looking to collaborate with you to create a meaningful and impactful video, personalized to fit your needs and expectations, whether it be a promotional video for your business, video for a corporate event or capturing moments of a special day.
Las Vegas Videographer services not only Las Vegas, but Spring Valley, Henderson, Paradise, Sloan, Enterprise and the Clark County, Nevada area.
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Your story matters; we, at Las Vegas Videographer, will help to visually bring it to life.

Read more about the types of video services we provide, or give us a call to start planning something today.
What We Offer

Las Vegas Videographer Services

Wedding Videography Services-Las Vegas Videographer

Las Vegas Videographer specializes in weddings. We’ll capture your story, bringing a collection of memories together into a cinematic film you’ll be able to look back on for years to come. Wedding videography gives newlyweds the opportunity to see all they couldn’t on their big day. It’s easy to miss moments with family and friends when there’s so much more on your mind. Wedding video allows you to be in the moments you may have missed.

The cinematic experience doesn’t end there. Show potential vacationers the magic of the property or get away spot through resort videography. Tell the story of your resort through resort videography and help potential vacationers take a step into the destination. With drone aerial footage, you’ll be able to show potential clients a bird’s eye view of the Las Vegas location. Las Vegas Videographer will help you paint a picture of luxury and relaxation and make a good first impression on your potential clients.

Resort-Videography Services-Las Vegas Videographer
Real-Estate-Videography-Las Vegas Videographer

Buying a house, condo or unit within an apartment building it is not a decision people make lightly. When trying to match your client with a home that’s a perfect fit for them, good visuals, meaning good video, is incredibly important. Your clients want to be able to imagine themselves walking through the home before they’ve even seen it in person. And you’ll want them to be able to imagine it too — higher interest in a home means more showings, meaning you’ll be selling more houses and properties. Additionally, using Matterport video, we’ll turn the video of the home into a 3D model. Click our Real Estate Videography tab to learn more.

Elevate your goods and services through commercial videography. Potential customers and clients may know what you’re selling, but can they imagine it? Can they visualize the experience? Imagine cinematic shots of a pizza at your restaurant being assembled, put into a wood brick oven, taken out and cut into slices with shots of gooey cheese as someone pulls a piece to take a bite. Our specialty is in telling your story. There’s no part of the job we love more than helping a brand connect with their audience. Las Vegas Videographer brings your products and services to life.

Commercial-Videography-Las-Vegas Videographer

Hosting an event? We’ll capture the best moments of your music festival, fashion event, concert or wedding and create a stunning video — not only for attendees to look back on and share with family and friends, but to bring in more attendees in the coming years of your event. Swooping shots over the crowds is a simple feat with aerial drone technology, and can make an interesting and captivating addition to video of your event. Videography has the power to show potential guests what they can expect from an event and what they’ve been missing out on.

Training, safety and instructional video for your employees are essential. If you’ve seen the outdated safety videos from the 80s, you’re well aware of the likelihood you’ll put new hires to sleep when you roll out the box TV on wheels and put in the VHS tape. Corporate videography has the potential to be modern, informative and engaging. Corporate video may also be used for new service or product demonstrations, client and customer testimonials or business event summaries.

Sales-Marketing-Videography - Las Vegas, NV
Videography can also be used to drive traffic to your online store or website and help your customers make decisions on your products and services. Potential customers are more likely to engage with your site when video is used. Video may include testimonials from clients and customers, but videography can also be used to engage, to educate potential customers and provide information on your business and what you offer.

Drone aerial videography is a multifaceted tool that can be utilized for nearly any event, whether it be resort, real estate or wedding videography. Drone footage elevates video — literally and figuratively in an unparalleled way. Before the onset of drone videography and photography, getting an aerial shot was expensive. Between getting permits with the city, finding a licensed helicopter pilot and renting time with them, getting bird’s eye view came at a steep cost. With aerial drone technology, there is hardly reason to opt out of footage that will take your video to the next level.

Commercial-Videography-Las-Vegas Videographer

Las Vegas Videographer looks forward to connecting with you and bringing your ideas to life.

Creating video is more than just pointing a camera and hitting record. Creating video has the potential to capture memories, bring products and services to life, help potential customers imagine themselves in stunning locations and homes and so much more.

Great video can easily be the difference between a potential customer and a customer. Contact our videographer team in Las Vegas today to get started.

And it definitely doesn’t hurt when the video is well crafted.
If you’re looking for the best in videography, to create and capture beautiful moments, look no further than Las Vegas Videographer.