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Video that highlights the best of your property and offers an authentic viewing experience that truly reflects being in that space is no easy feat. Surely you’ve seen property listing photos and videos that make you feel claustrophobic and trapped upon viewing them. Our Las Vegas Videographer team will utilize our drone to get nice, smooth video that will seamlessly transition through the house, condo or apartment property.

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Our video production agency team in Las Vegas is well versed in showcasing the best of your property and can bring spaciousness and life to even the smallest of spaces.

You may have seen some of our video on Extreme RV’s, featured on the Travel Channel. With Matterport video on our side we have the power to transform 2D photo and video of a property into an immersive 3D digital model. Clients have the ability to picture a home or condo in a way they never have before with a clear visual that shows how the bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining rooms come together. There’s no need for potential buyers to speculate until they see the property in person. With a wide-angle lens — but not too wide, we aren’t going for a fish-eye effect, we’ll accurately represent a view that aligns with that of the human eye, giving potential buyers a near perfect vision of what they’ll see when they schedule an appointment to view the property.
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Las Vegas Real Estate Videography

In today’s market, video storytelling is the most powerful way to set yourself apart from other realtors and sell more properties in the Las Vegas area.

With Las Vegas real estate videography, we'll help convey the right feeling.

Like many types of videography, real estate videography is all about conveying a feeling to an audience. Las Vegas Videographer will help identify emotions that will resonate with your audience and create a video that elicits those emotions.